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Three Centuries of Scottish Posts by ARB Haldane

Brief Description

A detailed reference book on 300 years of the Scottish Posts as a Historical Survey from 1536 to 1836. All research was done in the Scottish Record Office and the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. The author goes into great detail with methodical precision to ensure the reader is presented with all the available information on this subject. Most of which had not been previously published before this work.

Published only once in 1971 this original publication is a highly recommended reference for collectors interested in the pre-adhesive postal history of Scotland. The book is well written, easy to understand and has some good illustrations. At some times it appears academic but in a good way. The book also includes a number of large maps detailing the post roads, mail routes and development of the posts in Scotland.

  • ISBN: 0-85224-148-8
  • Pages: 336
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Recommended Reading: Yes


  • Scotlands First Posts
  • The Scottish Postal System of the Early 18th c.
  • Postal development in Scotland in the Late 18th c.
  • The Era of the Mail Coach
  • The Town and City Posts
  • The Village and Country Posts of the early 19th c.
  • The Work of the Country Postmaster
  • The Islands Posts
  • The Postal Budget – Credits and Debits
  • Abuses and Evasions of the Post
  • Problems of the Spreading Post
  • Important dates in Scottish Postal History
  • Principal Postal Officer, Scotland

Cover Image

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