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The Haiti Philatelic Society

Designed for collectors of the stamp and revenue issues of Haiti.

The society is dedicated to the purpose of informing interested persons about all aspects of the Haitian postal system from the mid 1700’s to the present time. The Society is composed of collectors of all degrees of sophistication from beginners to advanced specialists. However, all are constantly learning from each other largely through the interesting articles in our quarterly journal, Haiti Philately.

They can be found here:


Haiti is an excellent country upon which to focus ones philatelic efforts. Its history is fascinating. Once the richest of all French colonies, in 1804 it became the second country in the Western Hemisphere to gain its independence. The interaction of this small nation with French, German, British, Spanish, Dutch and American interests are reflected in its stamps and postal history. The Liberty Head issues rank as classics comparable to the early emissions of any nation. However, most of the stamps are relatively inexpensive and rather easily obtained. As a result, more and more collectors are beginning to discover the attractiveness of this small country.

When many of the stamps have been obtained and ones interest has been whetted, the collector often begins a specialization in a single issue or period. Included in such an effort would be essays, proofs, specimens, multiples, errors and covers. The Society encourages such specialization because it may lead to interesting research, which often is published in Haiti Philately. In this way we are all beneficiaries.

Please examine the various pages of this web site for additional information about the Society.


Membership offers a journal, quarterly auction, online forum, exchange packetmentoring service and other benefits.

The Haiti Philatelic Society was founded in 1975 and today has approximately 100 members. Seventy are from the United States and the rest from Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other nations.

Membership in this Society is open to all, from beginner to advanced alike. Membership entitles one to copies of the quarterly journal, Haiti Philately, to participate in the mail auctions of the Society, etc.

Postal Auction

The four auctions a year usually offer in excess of 75 lots in each auction, which run the gamut of the more common to more difficult stamps, as well as a great deal of postal history, revenue material, etc.


Haiti Philately is the award winning quarterly journal of the Haiti Philatelic Society. Typically, an issue of the journal comprises 16 pages, amongst which are to be found a lead article, plus a few shorter ones. As well, there are sections on Haiti-related worldwide auctions, new issues, membership activities, short pieces on postal history, etc. With an established record dating back over forty years, this English-language publication is devoted exclusively to the postal history, stamps, and revenue issues of Haiti.

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